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Application: Sanding of wooden floors. Lower the drum onto the floor and make the first diagonal run across the floor. Sand the whole floor in one direction. Then change direction and make the other set of diagonal runs across the floor, at a right angle to the first runs. Then change direction again, and run the drum sander across the floor following the direction.

Abrasive Paper Size: 203 X476 Drum speed : 1800 rpm

Current rating : 12 A
Net Weight: 56 Kg 

Power input : 220V




Application: Ensure that the sander is unplugged, then use the bolt key supplied with the edging sander to undo the retaining bolt, and remove the old disc of sand- paper. The key is often stored on a retaining clip on the underside of the sander. Position a new disc of sandpaper and retighten the retaining bolt to hold the disc securely in position. Ensure the retaining bolt head is well below the sandpaper surface level. Take a firm hold on the sander before starting it.

Sanding disc : 7”
Motor speed : 13 000 rpm Current rating : 5A Weight 16.4 Kg

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