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Petrol Auger Equipment for Hire

View our range of auger equipment for hire that will help you get the job done!



Application: Also known as earth auger, handheld power earth drill, soil auger, or mechanized post hole diggerthis tool is ideal for digging earth post holes. Fitted with a powerful 68 cc MACAFRIC engine it will work on even the toughest of soil.

Engine power: 30cc lubrication: Oil
Blade size: 200mm
Power 1.3KW weight 9.4Kg Fuel: Two stroke



Application: Drill used when there is no electricity on site. The torque of the motor makes it a great for heavy duty concrete drilling.

Engine power: .08Kw lubrication: Oil
Tank size: 240 mL Weight 4.8Kg

Petrol motor: Two stroke

Drill peed: 1st Gear: 663 rpm 2nd Gear: 1,972 rpm

Reverse: 590 rpm

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