About Us

About Us

Owner : Paul Ness (AKA iron Man), also known as Awesome-Ness, has his favourite super hero as Iron Man and is himself an Iron Man athlete with no less than 4 of these events under his belt.

Paul is a family man and lives to make the dreams of his family come true.

Loving the outdoors and Triathlon events Paul has a natural flow for business and is a problem solver of note. Paul is well known for his knowledge in the construction and DIY world and many a client has benefited from his advice and help in recommending the right tool for the job.

Paul’s Hire was established in 1997, previously trading under the Coastal Hire franchise. Paul Ness disfranchised from the Coastal group eight years later and established Paul's Hire and built a reputation for honest business practice and service excellence. Paul’s Hire cater to the construction, landscaping and DIY industries.

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